Products: Dyes & Stains

APF Acid Stain

APF Acid Stain is an acidic coloring solution which chemically reacts with concrete and other cementitious substrates to create translucent and variegated color effects. The coloration becomes a permanent part of the substrate and cannot crack or peel. APF Acid Stain gives a unique look that cannot be achieved with conventional polymer and pigment type stains...


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APF Color Fuse

APF Color Fuse is a proprietary blend of specialized water soluble polymers and liquid dyes designed for staining both conventional and polymer modified concrete. A novel and highly effective adhesion promoter has been incorporated into the formulation that gives Color Fuse exceptional adhesion to conventional concrete substrates, giving it a major advantage over competitive water-based stains...


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Cem-Dye™ (S)

Cem-Dye (S) is a powdered metalized dye that is soluble in a wide variety of solvents. With colors ranging from earth tones to vivid, it can be used along with acid stains or as a stand alone coloring system, and is often used in conjunction with concrete polishing. Cem-Dye (S) offers a fast and affordable way to add color to interior concrete...


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