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Vivarium & Animal Holding

Vivarium and animal holding facilities require wall and flooring systems that will provide a stable environment for the animals, technicians and researchers. These are ultimate demand facilities due to the sensitive nature of the environment. APF flooring and seamless wall systems are designed to assist in the maintenance of these demanding environments while ensuring anti-microbial...


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Walkways not only receive an abundance of foot traffic, but they often serve as the focal point for a design concept. APF has a wide range of systems offering various performance levels depending on the floor’s location. Plus, the systems provide unlimited decorative possibilities with stains, dyes, architectural sealers, decorative color chips, color quartz and decorative polymer concrete...


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APF’s flooring systems for warehouses offer an aesthetically pleasing surface while standing up to impact, abrasion and chemicals commonly found in these environments – such as forklift traffic, impact from crates and tools, and heavy foot traffic...


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