APF Color Fuse

APF Color Fuse is a proprietary blend of specialized water soluble polymers and liquid dyes designed for staining both conventional and polymer modified concrete. A novel and highly effective adhesion promoter has been incorporated into the formulation that gives Color Fuse exceptional adhesion to conventional concrete substrates, giving it a major advantage over competitive water-based stains. Adhesion testing on applications done over clean, profiled surfaces showed tensile pull strengths of 400-450 psi with cohesive failure of the concrete. These values match those shown in amine cured epoxy systems. This high bond strength gives the contractor a material he or she can use confidently in more challenging applications such as vehicle areas, without fear of adhesion failure.


APF Color Fuse is designed to be reduced 50-100% with water in the field. This feature reduces shipping costs and gives good application economics. APF Color Fuse is formulated to achieve the variegated color tones of acid stain without the necessity of rinsing and neutralizing the surface after application. Exposure to toxic acids and disposal problems are eliminated. It is available in 18 colors that can be blended or overlaid to create a wide variety of vibrant color hues. The material is translucent when used sparingly and provides a more opaque look as additional coats are applied. The various application techniques possible with this product allow for a high degree of creative expression. The liquid pigments are purchased separately and may be added to epoxy and polyurethane materials to create additional attractive looks. APF Color Fuse is designed to be sealed with either solvent based or water based polyurethane finish coats. In exterior applications, a UV absorber package must be added to the clear finish coat to prevent fading.


APF Color Fuse is ideal for creating unique looks in many commercial and residential settings. Recommended applications include restaurants, showrooms, offices, home interiors, patios, garage floors and driveways. 


Colors & Finishes

  • 18 Available Color Fuse Colors


Kit Sizes

  • 1 Gallon
  • 5 Gallons