Cem-Rez™ HT is a unique two component cementitious topping designed for resurfacing interior concrete floors. Due to its extreme durability, it is particularly suited for high traffic commercial applications such as restaurants, retail locations and casinos. Cem-Rez™ HT readily accepts acid stains and dyes, and is available in both white and gray bag mixes, Cem-Rez™ HT can be troweled multiple times, when installed at 1/8th inch, making it possible to achieve surfaces that range from a soft texture to nearly smooth.  Its high compressive strength gives it a dense and abrasion resistant surface which can be troweled to a featheredge. Cure time is usually between 6 and 12 hours. This allows for a truly unique finish.


Colors & Finishes

  • White
  • Natural Gray



  • 50 lb. Bag