Polyurethane 250

Polyurethane 250

Polyurethane 250: Your Solution for Acrylic Sealer Problems


All concrete sealers are not created equal. While solvent-born acrylic sealers may be the most commonly used sealer type, they are far from ideal, especially for projects with heavy foot traffic or for exterior applications. Poor wear characteristics, premature loss of gloss and water whitening issues plague contractors.


Your solution: Polyurethane 250, a uniquely formulated two-component acrylic urethane that is exclusive to APF and is rapidly becoming the high performance alternative to conventional solvent acrylic sealers.


The Polyurethane 250 Advantage


  • Double the wear resistance in high foot traffic areas, such as malls, casinos and resorts
  • Outstanding performance in vehicle areas
  • High initial gloss and unequaled gloss retention in exterior applications
  • Superior stain and chemical resistance in comparison to conventional acrylic
  • Chemical cross-linking gives better water resistance and less whitening problems
  • Extended time between recoating
  • 10 year field history



High-Performance Sealer Yields Long-Term Savings


Flooring failures can result in significant financial setbacks for the contractor and end-user. In addition to the repairs, major issues can force businesses to shut down operations, potentially costing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Polyurethane 250 is a high-performance architectural concrete sealer that solves the performance problems common to acrylic sealers and reduces the need and frequency of reseals and repairs. 


The use of special solvents and adhesion promoters gives Polyurethane 250 exceptional penetration and adhesion to minimally profiled concrete. It can be easily recoated with solvent-based or water-based polyurethanes.


Polyurethane 250 Uses & Applications 


Polyurethane 250 is ideal for sealing conventional concrete, acid stained surfaces, overlays, pavers and all types of decorative and architectural concrete.  Polyurethane 250 can provide color enhancements similar to solvent acrylic sealers, and it can be used as a tie coat over surfaces that are difficult to adhere to, such as polyester urethanes. When used as a finish coat in vehicle areas, it resists tire tracking and provides easy soil release. Although abrasion resistance to heavy foot traffic far exceeds single component materials, the best performance in these areas is achieved with polyester urethanes such as Polyurethane 100, Polyurethane 100 VOC or Polyurethane 501.


APF has developed Polyurethane 250 Systems for projects with demanding requirements like those in the residential, restaurant, retail and hospitality industries. To learn more, contact us.


A special version of Poly 250 is available to meet the 50 grams/liter VOC limit in California.


Colors & Finishes

  • Clear
  • Satin Finish


Kit Sizes

  • 1 1/2 Gallons
  • 15 Gallons