StatRez™ PC 225C

StatRez™ PC 225 C is a four-component, high-performance ali­phatic polyester urethane flooring product that features UV stability and non-yellowing properties. It is designed to im­part static control properties in the conductive range of 25,000 – 1 million (2.5E4-1E6) ohms resistance when tested with ESD Association test method 7.1.


StatRez™ PC 225 C is low VOC and has excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. It comes in a satin finish.


StatRez™ PC 225 C is designed to impart static control properties that prevent electrostatic damage to electronic products and equipment, limit the ability of personnel to build up a charge and quickly remove a charge from people or equipment.


StatRez™ PC 225 C is commonly used in aircraft hangars. The StatRez family of systems is appropriate for military/aerospace/aircraft service areas, electronics manufacturing and assembly areas, solvent storage rooms, clean rooms, packaging lines, processing areas, clean rooms, pharmaceutical industries and hazardous industries (dust or explosion hazards).