APF’s CastorCrete® SL-B System Creates Hangar-quality Floor for Tech Company’s Event Space

APF’s CastorCrete® SL-B System Creates Hangar-quality Floor for Tech Company’s Event Space

The Challenge

A satellite technology company in San Diego wanted to design a showcase area to host meetings and special events. The concept was to build a hangar-like environment that would house a plane’s fuselage to show clients where the new technology would be installed on aircraft. 

The Contractor

For more than 30 years, Oakridge Industries has installed resinous flooring systems in industrial and manufacturing environments, such as commercial kitchens and bioscience facilities. The contractor is proud to have the expertise, equipment, manpower and experience to serve customers in mission-critical timeframes. Oakridge has partnered with APF for various projects over the years.

The Solution

The design team initially recommended a system with the high gloss and clean aesthetics of a hangar, which is typically a three-coat system and maxes out at 20 mils. However, the substrate had many defects, including a moisture level that tested higher than the acceptable levels for a thin mil system. APF then recommended installing a CastorCrete® SL-B System that would mimic the look of a hangar system.

CastorCrete SL-B is a medium-duty slurry urethane cement mortar system designed to protect existing concrete or resurface moderately deteriorated concrete, while also offering options for a decorative appearance and/or slip resistance with the use of broadcast quartz or silica sand.

The Installation

  • After preparing the slab by shotblasting, Epoxy 400 Thixotropic and trowel sand were used to create a cove base that was smooth and required little sanding. Epoxy 400 Thixotropic is a high-viscosity, 100% solids resin system that is used as a grout coat in a variety of aggregate-filled epoxy flooring systems. It cures blush-free and provides outstanding physical strength, flexibility and chemical resistance.
  • CastorCrete® SL-B was installed at a 3/16th inch thickness with a broadcast of sand to full refusal.
  • After curing, the entire floor was sanded with a swing machine and abrasive pad to knock the points off of the exposed aggregate, and was then vacuumed.
  • The grout coat consisted of Epoxy 400 Thixotropic in light gray Delta Fog applied at 160 square feet per gallon over the entire surface, including the cove base.
  • Polyurethane 100 VOC in Delta Fog finished off the system and provided the glass-like effect that the design team envisioned.
  • By using the Epoxy 400 Thixotropic material, Oakridge successfully created a surface that looked identical to three coats of epoxy on a new concrete slab. 

This was the first time this design was executed in the field, and all parties involved gave the system rave reviews.

As you can see in the photos below, the cove-to-floor transition is truly seamless, and the floor’s reflectivity is so high that you can see the trees outside reflected in the floor. The end result is a testimony to both APF’s development of urethane cement technology and the quality of Oakridge Industries’ project management and installation teams.

In addition to showrooms that mimic the look of aircraft hangars, APF can assist with flooring systems for actual aircraft hangars. Our Armor-Rez Jet Deck systems can handle extensive exposure to impact, abrasion and chemicals, while still providing a light reflective and non-slip surface. Each system meets the Unified Facilities Guideline Specifications (UFGS) for U.S. military projects, making them appropriate for all types of military aircraft.

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