The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas


The Cosmopolitan bucks typical Vegas building trends. The narrow structure has a much more modern, contemporary feel with thoughtful, intricate designs. It's the first casino/resort on the strip to feature terrazzo in the porte-cochère, a porch-like structure through which a vehicle (or a horse and carriage as it once was) can pass. The Cosmopolitan called upon ArCon Flooring, which is well renowned for its work at casinos/resorts, to develop a flooring system for 100,000-square-feet of the porte-cochère and valet area.


ArCon Flooring is a full-service designer and installer of unique architectural flooring for destination resorts, casinos, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, retail complexes and entertainment venues nationwide.

The Challenge:

ArCon had difficulty finding a sealer that would adhere properly to its ARTEGO TZ system (an epoxy terrazzo), and protect and maintain the integrity of the unique floor design. They tried numerous one component, solvent-based acrylic sealers - and nothing seemed to work. The acrylics didn't wear well, and they couldn't retain the gloss. The challenge: protecting and maintaining the appeal of the ARTEGO TZ Terrazo Flooring as it's exposed to heavy foot and vehicle traffic all day, every day.

ArCon came to APF to drum up a solution. One of our reps sent them samples of Polyurethane 250, a two-component, low-viscosity acrylic urethane that's exclusive to APF, and is commonly used as an alternative to acrylic sealers. ArCon's wishes were answered.

The Solution:

ArCon utilized APF's Polyurethane 250 as the primer, and Poyurethane 100 as the too coat. These products were selected for their durability, UV stability, high gloss retention and easy maintenance. This sealer system solved every issue ArCon encountered with the conventional acrylic sealers.

"The sealer not only passed the pull test, but passed with 100% concrete failure," said Alfonso Hernandez, Research and Development at ArCon Flooring. We were very satisfied with the performance of the APF products we used and very much appreciated the collaborative effort on the part of the APF to achieve a suitable situation for all involved."

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