Epoxy 400 WC

Epoxy 400 WC

APF EPOXY 400 WC is a medium viscosity, 100% solids product used in a variety of wall rendering applications. APF EPOXY 400 WC provides an outstanding balance of physical strength, flexibility, and chemical resistance. The pigmented material features high pigment loading for excellent substrate hide and color consistency when roller applied.

APF EPOXY 400 WC is a medium viscosity product for improved flow and handling at lower temperatures and excellent application qualities.

APF EPOXY 400 WC is a high-performance wall coating system that provides a seamless, high gloss, durable and easy-to-clean wall surface. It’s installed at 12 to 20 mils dry film thickness, permits a variety of topcoats depending on the application.


  • Biomedical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Health Care & Institutional
  • Veterinary/Animal Care


  • Can be used with Fiberglass reinforcement
  • Better workability as a wall coating
  • 100% solids, Low VOC


White, Bone, Delta Fog & Sterling Standard colors available.


Supplied in complete A+B 1.5 gallon (5.68 L), 15 gallon (56.8 L). Mix ratio 2A : 1B

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