Epoxy 750

Epoxy 750

APF EPOXY 750 is a two component, low viscosity, high solids, excellent performing resin system designed to be used in cleanrooms and other sensitive environmental areas. EPOXY 750 has been tested to determine the post cure for emittance (outgassing) of the product. Testing was conducted by NASA for use in their cleanrooms. EPOXY 750 performed better than all other coatings evaluated for post cure emittance (outgassing).

EPOXY 750 provides an outstanding balance of physical strengths and mechanical properties. As a Bisphenol F hybrid material, it has excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, including resistance to food acids, most solvents, sulfuric acid up to 50% and acetic acid up to 15%. Epoxy 750 features a blush-free fast cures, even at low temperatures.


  • Clean rooms, walls and integral cove base
  • Laboratories
  • Research Facilities


  • Meets or exceeds requirements for post-cure out-gassing and particulate emissions
  • Thixotropic version available for wall and cove base rendering


Available in Tile Red and Sterling.


Supplied in complete factory pigmented A+B 1.5 gallon (5.68 L) & 15 gallon (56.8 L) total volume mixed units. Mix ratio 2A : 1B

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