L.T.E. Low Temperature Epoxy

L.T.E. Low Temperature Epoxy

APF L.T.E. Low Temperature Epoxy is a specially formulated, 100% solids acrylated epoxy system designed to provide positive cure down to 35ºF and extremely rapid room temperature cure. Its low viscosity contributes to easy handling, excellent substrate wetting and the development of strong bonds to a variety of substrates including damp concrete.

APF L.T.E. Low Temperature Epoxy cures blush-free even under cold, damp conditions. This material possesses a desirable combination of flexibility, chemical resistance and good impact resistance at low temperatures. APF L.T.E. Low Temperature Epoxy was developed for use in cold weather exterior concrete repair and refrigerated industrial areas where conventional epoxy systems cannot cure completely or cure too slowly to be of practical use to the coatings contractor. Because it is ready for traffic in 2-3 hours at room temperature, APF L.T.E. Low Temperature Epoxy is very useful in rapid turnaround concrete repair and floor coating projects.

Its low modulus characteristics make this material well suited for industrial joint and crack repair.

The material will amber and is not suitable as a decorative topcoat.


  • Garages
  • Machine Shops
  • Warehouse


Allows application of to concrete that is below normalapplication temperatures.


Clear, & 16 Standard Colors


Supplied in complete A+B 1.5 gallon (4.73 L), 15 gallon (94.6 L). Mix ratio 2A : 1B

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