Poly 501

Poly 501

APF POLY 501 is a high-solids, two-component, water-based high-performance coating. This unique product provides performance properties equal to conventional solvent-based catalyzed urethanes. APF POLY 501 is VOC compliant in California. It offers substantial performance improvements over catalyzed water-based polyurethanes, including higher film build capabilities.

APF POLY 501 provides a hard, durable coating that features good gloss, easy cleanability, and superior abrasion resistance. Resistance to yellowing from UV light is excellent. For exterior desert applications, an integral UV absorber package is added to ensure long-term chalk resistance and gloss retention.

Developed as a high-performance finish coat for seamless flooring and architectural applications.

APF POLY 501 is the ideal top coat for areas that require maximum gloss retention, ease of cleaning, and resistance to heavy foot traffic. Typical areas of application would include clean rooms, hospitals, concrete counter tops, and high traffic retail areas.

APF POLY 501 is also suitable for aircraft hangars, automotive repair facilities, and garage floors. It is available in matte & satin finishes.


  • Resistant to fuels and many chemicals
  • Hard, high-gloss, easily cleaned surface
  • Graffiti resistant when used as wall surface


Available only in Clear, Satin and Matte. DO NOT field tint.


Supplied in complete A+B 1.5 gallon (5.7 L) or 15 gallon (56.8 L) total volume mixed units. Mix ratio 2A : 1B

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