Polyurethane 325

Polyurethane 325

PF Polyurethane 325 is a three-component, high solids aliphatic moisture-cured urethane. This product offers a remarkable combination of performance properties not found in other polymer coatings. APF Polyurethane 325 produces a protective film which is hard, flexible, and impact resistant. APF Polyurethane 325 features extreme abrasion and scratch resistance, easy soil release, and excellent resistance to a broad range of chemicals. For exterior applications, a UV stabilizer package may be incorporated to insure long term chalk resistance and gloss retention.

Designed as a high-performance topcoat for various protective coating and seamless flooring applications, APF Polyurethane 325 provides maximum cleanability and stain resistance when used as a finish coat in color chip flooring or epoxy-quartz flooring. This coating is ideally suited for clean-room floors, automotive repair facilities, aircraft hangars and other high wear areas requiring resistance to fuels and chemicals.


  • Resistant to fuels and many chemicals
  • Hard, high-gloss, easily cleaned surface
  • Increased wear-resistance


  • Finish for color quartz and vinyl mosaic flake systems
  • Automotive facilities
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Clean Rooms


Available in Clear


Supplied in complete A+B Clear 1.25 gallon (4.7 L) or 2.5 gallon (9.46 L) , Pigmented version 1.5 Gallon (5.67 L) and 3.0 gallon (11.35 L) total volume mixed units. Use only as complete mixed unit, do not break down into partial mixes.

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