Stat-Rez® Nano 975

Stat-Rez® Nano 975

APF STAT-REZ® NANO 975 is a two-component, high-performance epoxy novolac based floor coating, utilizing NANOWISE TECHNOLOGY™, designed to impart electrostatic conductive qualities to floor surfaces in conjunction with ESD compliant footwear. The system is designed to provide static control properties for personnel, ESD compliant wheeled equipment and chairs, which limits the ability of personnel to build up electrostatic charges on their person by providing effective equipotential grounding. This coating is specifically formulated for enhanced chemical resistance, particularly against sulfuric and other inorganic acids, solvents and higher temperatures. The coating possesses excellent abrasion and scratch resistance, ease of cleaning, and excellent resistance to a broad range of chemicals.

APF STAT-REZ NANO 975 is formulated utilizing the most advanced graphene nanotube technology available to conform to ANSI S20.20 Product Qualification and Performance Verification requirements when used with APF STAT-REZ 175 NANO conductive primer. Meets DOD and Military standards. Certification available on request.


  • Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Military/ Aerospace/ Aircraft Hangars
  • Hazardous Industries (dust or explosion hazards)
  • Clean Rooms
  • Pharmaceutical


  • Highly reflective, easily cleaned surface
  • NANOWISE TECHNOLOGY provides exceptional ESD performance
  • Resistant to common industrial chemicals
  • More durable than ESD tile or sheet goods, no joints to fail
  • Low Maintenance, no topical ESD treatments required
  • Greatly improved shelf-life and transport stability


  • Adobe
  • Slate
  • Light Gray
  • Concrete Gray
  • Sterling
  • Medium Gray


Supplied in complete 1.5 gallon (5.7 L), 3.0 gallon (11.35 L), & 15 gallon (56.8) total volume kits, components A + B. Product is factory pigmented only. Use only as complete mixed unit, do not break down units.

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