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Stat-Rez® PC 925

Stat-Rez® PC 925

Stat-Rez PC 925 is a two-coat, static-dissipative, epoxy novolac system designed specifically for extreme chemical resis­tance or anywhere that demands complete protection from acids. It is designed to impart static control properties in the static dissipative of 1 million – 1 billion (1E6-1E9) ohms resistance when tested with ESD Association test method 7.1. This system has the further advantage of providing a highly cross-linked coating with resistance to a broad range of aggressive chemicals in addition to its static control properties, making it ideal for use in chemical resistant applications that also require static control.

Stat-Rez PC 925 is commonly used in solvent storage areas. The Stat-Rez family of systems is appropriate for military/aerospace/aircraft service areas, electronics manufacturing and assembly areas, solvent storage rooms, clean rooms, packaging lines, processing areas, clean rooms, pharmaceutical industries and hazardous industries (dust or explosion hazards).

Please contact Brandon Atwood for System Data Sheets and application instructions.

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