VaporSolve® Primer

VaporSolve® Primer

APF VaporSolve® Primer is a specially formulated, water-based epoxy primer, designed to provide superior adhesion over concrete with high levels of moisture vapor emission. When used with the companion finish coat, APF VaporSolve LP, it completes the APF VaporSolve Ultra System that reduces moisture vapor emissions to acceptable levels for all flooring and maintains its bond under continuously moist, alkaline conditions. APF VaporSolve Primer is formulated to be applied on concrete that has been treated with silicates.

Shot-blasting will not reliably remove metasilicate residues in the concrete surface.

APF VaporSolve® Primer has been formulated for low viscosity and excellent substrate wetting capabilities to promote penetration and adhesion. The special curing agent allows for adhesion to damp concrete. The product may be applied at temperatures between 40°-100°F.


  • Allows coating of high moisture content concrete substrates
  • Bisphenol F resin technology resists water and alkalinity
  • Bonds to concrete that has been treated with silicates


Supplied in complete A+B .75 gallon (2.73 L) or 3.0 gallon (11.36 L) total volume mixed units. Use only as complete mixed unit, do not break down into partial mixes.

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