VaporSolve® Tie Coat

VaporSolve® Tie Coat

APF VaporSolve® Tie Coat is a two-component, fast drying water-based epoxy formulated for use over non-porous surfaces such

as VaporSolve® Moisture Remediation Systems when subsequent cemeticious overlays are applied.

VaporSolve Tie Coat adheres tenaciously to properly prepared hard glossy surfaces and provides an excellent bonding surface for the overlay. It dries in 30-60 minutes depending upon conditions and is safe and easy to use.

APF VaporSolve® Tie Coat has been formulated for low viscosity and excellent substrate wetting capabilities to promote adhesion to existing VaporSolve surfaces.


Allows the overlay of cementitious materials over APF VaporSolve LP, Ultra and LP systems.


APF VaporSolve Tie Coat is available in 2.0 Gallon (7.57 L) units A+B. Mixing ration is 1A : 1B.

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